Msc Software Company Iphone Creation Application


What is AppCreator

AppCreator is an iPhone application that makes it easy for anyone who is not a software engineer to create impressive iPhone applications.  All development is performed on the iPhone (No additional computers required) and AppCreator can generate simple to moderate complex iPhone applications.  If your profession is in Civil Engineering, Business, Medicine, the Sciences, Education, or you simply desire to experience the satisfaction of creating applications for your iPhone, then AppCreator will make your iPhone an extension of your imagination.


Sandbox Concept

The Sandbox is where you develop and execute your application.  Many on going projects can reside in the Sandbox at the same time.  When completed simply save your project to the Project Area, this automatically removes the project from your Sandbox.  If you want to use your application for every day use, simply Publish the Project to your Application Area and it is ready to be used.


Graphical User Interface (GUI)

AppCreator allows you to develop feature rich User Interfaces from stock Templates (Forms, Views, Controls, etc.) that you customize.  Then the customized items can be Published to your User Library and now you have created your own customized Templates. Use your iPhone camera to capture images and photos that can be incorporated into your application using the Icon and Image Managers of AppCreator.


Presentation Themes

Use the Form Templates to create presentation themes for your application.  Create the Entry / Display of Information by dropping controls on to your individual View Templates and then have the Form automatically control the presentation of your Views.  Start creating iPhone applications to impress your friends and family.  Create applications for Business, School, or Entertainment.  Make your iPhone an extension of your imagination with AppCreator today. Available on the Apple AppStore Website.



   -  AppCreator is not a replacement for XCode Development but rather an alternative to creating feature rich iPhone applications. 
   -  If the application is complex and execution speed is a requirement then XCode should be used to create your iPhone application.
   -  AppCreator requires a fourth generation iPhone (iPod Touch) or better, and a second generation iPad or better.